The Cerebral Palsy and Dystrophy Association of BOD Goražde is an extraterrestrial, non-governmental, voluntary, humanitarian organization that gathers patients with cerebral palsy and dystrophy (CPD), that is, their families and other citizens who access it, with a view to receiving all forms of assistance and support patients with CPD, as well as early detection of the disease, and eliminating the cause of its occurrence.

According to the decision of the Union of Dystrophics, the CPD Association also represents dystrophics as a related disease.

We are proud of:


Years of existence


Successful projects


The main goals and tasks of the CPD Association are: gathering persons suffering from cerebral palsy and dystrophy, and their family members for the purpose of receiving immediate material, social and other assistance; exercising rights in the field of education, rehabilitation, vocational training and employment of patients with CPD; finding material, spatial and other conditions for establishing entities for performing production, service and other activities; initiating an initiative to achieve the conditions for early detection of CPD and its treatment and other activities in accordance with the law, statute and capabilities of the Association.


Cerebral palsy is “a group of movement and postural disorders caused by a defect or lesion of an immature brain” (Bax, 1964).

It is also a pathological condition characterized primarily by impairment of motor function, followed by impaired vision and hearing, intellectual deficits, emotional problems, speech and behavioral disorders, seizures and the like.


Dystrophy is a chronic and progressive disease of unknown etiology that affects all muscles.

There are over 40 nervous and muscular disorders that occur and vary in degree of muscle weakness and dying.

Very quickly, people with dystrophy become dependent on other people’s help.

Naši počeci

Needless to say, everyone starts off hard.

Then, when we started acting and gathering members, we didn’t even have the space to carry out any activities, and it was superfluous to talk about going door to door and filling in blank papers with a pen.

Namely, during this period, the Association had absolutely no financial assistance and support for its work. It was by chance that we met the humanist Milo Plakalovic and presented his problem to him. Mr. Plakalovic is the first person to fund the work of the Association together with its sponsors from Sarajevo.

With the arrival of a large number of humanitarian organizations on our premises, the Association was given the opportunity for partnership and later business cooperation, which led to a number of successes and the realization of a number of projects.

It was a pleasure to work with NGOs such as: IRCs, UNHCR, New Bosnia Foundation, Care, OESC, ……

In the second half of 1999, we met a delegation from the German city of Gere.

Since then, our cooperation has been brilliant in all areas of social life.

We were guests in their city, in cooperation with the Municipality of Goražde and the Center we were able to provide four-year education for 3 people with disabilities.

Our cooperation has grown into a partnership and together we have celebrated the 10th anniversary of our Association, on this occasion Mr. Koob and Canton Prime Minister Nazif Uruchi had the honor of officially opening the project – Creative Workshops in our premises in Vitkovići.

Many parents of the members of our Association gave and gave great support to the Association and great support to the work of the Association.

As we have already mentioned that people from the Center for Social Work of Gorazde stood with us at the very beginning, we must say with great sincerity that this cooperation has strengthened and gained increasing mutual importance over the years.

Now our relationship is almost a partnership and we hope that it will be so in the future and that it will grow and grow even more.

Behind all our activities and success is a number of active helping members without whose constant and selfless help we probably would not be where we are now.

It is one of a team of experts to whom we owe a great deal of gratitude in all fields, legal, health, accounting, educational, medical and other forms of assistance.

For the realization of these activities, for our affirmation, a great contribution is also made by our local television, which has followed and covered all our steps on the thorny path of ascent to the place we are now.

The Association would like to thank all the sponsors and donors who helped in the implementation of any of the activities of the Association.

We also owe a great deal of gratitude to our fellow citizens who, unlike some previous periods, at all times personally and selflessly support our Association by purchasing our products, providing various types of services, and above all the warmth and cordiality that are shared at all times, which are not I can pay with nothing.

We are particularly pleased with the attitude of young fellow citizens, our “little paradise”, which makes us more confident in our future.