Throughout its work so far, the Association, with the help of various humanitarian governmental and non-governmental organizations, has successfully implemented a number of other projects such as:

  • Provision of material assistance in the form of food, medicines, clothing, footwear, orthopedic aids, etc.
  • Education in various fields of engineering and science,
  • Providing and creating conditions for rehabilitation,
  • Opening a video club
  •  Procurement of equipment and office supplies necessary for the work of the Association
  • Production of greeting cards, souvenirs and handicrafts and their sale
  •  Expanding cooperation with related Associations in the country of BiH and beyond its borders
  •  Creating conditions for providing various services to citizens in the form of photocopying, renting, etc., in order to raise funds for the work of the Association
  • Organizing all sorts of entertainment, recreation and leisure activities such as: excursions, holiday gifts, socializing etc.
  •  Provision of financial resources in accordance with the possibilities for the members of the Association
  • Raising community awareness of people with disabilities through plays, promotions, documentaries and the like.
  • Education of parents, guardians and other persons important for the life of persons with disabilities through seminars, telephone and contact shows, round tables, etc.

We hope that our needs and problems will have better solutions than our current ones.

We hope that our country will follow the European path in every respect, especially with regard to persons with disabilities.